ZKTime Enterprise
ZKTime Enterprise is an advanced T&A application that allows to manage all in/out attendance and access records, controlling all kind of attendance events (breakfast, lunch,medical, personal business, smoke etc..), accrued balance and payroll methods. Match and process punches automatically after downloading from terminals, warning about odd number punches or days in a special case, facilitating and speeding up the work of attendance management.
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ZKTime SmallBusiness
ZKTime Small Business is an user-friendly software application that monitors the time and attendance of your employees. This software allows you to calculate your employees' worked hours by selected periods.
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Atalaya 2
Atalaya 2 is a web application through which employees or managers can view and print punches, credit hours, payroll, etc. It allows users to make individual requests or petitions to create or modify attendance checks, ask for private calendar changes as vacations, as well as modify personal data, etc...
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This is a computer program that will allow us to communicate with all ZK devices automatically and make a text file with the log records stored in devices. This file can be configured with the fields we want and in the order we wish, in order to export them to another time and attendance software.
Similarly, these checks can be exported to ZKTime Enterprise software directly.
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